Sunday, September 14, 2008

1 Year Pictures!!

Kim Lawson, in Northport, AL did Ava Grace's one year pictures yesterday and I am so excited!! I think they are going to be really cute. Here are a few snapshots that she posted on her blog. I wanted to share them with you!! Her website is There is also a link to her blog at this site too. She is AWESOME and super sweet!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Ava Grace is ONE!!

Ava Grace had a GREAT birthday!! She celebrated with 3 parties!! She had a party at school, with Mommy and Daddy, and another BIG party with all of her family and friends.

The party at school was really cute. Her teacher Miss Heather painted her a T-shirt with a "1" on it. She also had her mother make Ava Grace a super cute cake. It was a pink turtle with a multi-colored shell. Ava Grace cried at first because she knew we were about to leave her at daycare. So, she just sat in my lap and tore into the hot pink head of the turtle cake!! SHE LOVED IT!!

The party with Mommy and Daddy was fun too!! I made her some cupcakes and she loved it. After dinner she ate her cupcake and got it EVERYWHERE!! Then we opened presents and she played with her new toys.

The BIG birthday bash was this past Sunday, September 7th. Almost every one came that I invited!! It was so much fun!! Ava Grace did not really know what to think about having so many people at the house. So it took a long time for her to warm up to the idea. We had a total of 17 kids there!! 7 kids under the age of 1!!! She got lots of really nice presents... that I am still putting together and hanging up!! But I am not complaining. We are so fortunate to have such great friends and family to celebrate occaisons with. Here is a picture of Ava Grace after she played in her cake... she was clapping for herself!!

Thank you to everyone for coming and for helping make this such a special birthday!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Okay, that was the BEST GAME EVER!!!! Kyle and I went to Atlanta to the game this past weekend and Little Bit stayed with Nana and Pop. We had so much fun!! I don't think I have EVER yelled that much at a game before... I am officially ready for ALABAMA FOOTBALL!!! And I am pretty sure that Ava Grace has an outfit for every game. Oh, and she has houndstooth shoes... SO CUTE!!!