Monday, August 31, 2009

She is a BIG GIRL!

Wow! We had a great weekend! Ava Grace had her 2nd Birthday Party on Saturday and she had a BLAST!! I will post pictures tomorrow because my card is not uploading right now... so the Luau Party is to be continued!!! (Can't wait for you to see the cake that Nana made... It was the best ever!!)

I would like to talk about the Big Girl Bed! and how Ava Grace SLEPT IN IT LAST NIGHT! Yea - you heard me right! So, let me back up for a minute. For those of you that just started reading my blog... Last Tuesday night my little almost 2 year old jumped out of her crib. I took her back in her room and asked her to show me how she got out. So, she threw her leg over the side and barrel rolled to the floor. She is such a little monkey!

So, on Wednesday we converted her bed to the toddler bed. When she got home from "school" we introduced her to the bed. She loved it! She kept getting on and off of it and wanted to lay down and watch Barney... BUT when nite nite time came SHE WAS NOT HAVING IT! She refused to sleep in it. She would lay down if I would sit with her but as soon as I got up she would get really upset. She could be dead asleep and wake up when I was sneaking out.

On top of this, last week we were getting things ready for her birthday party on Saturday and I was sick with cold symptoms. (btw - I am still sick and have no clue what is wrong with me... but MOMMY does not have time to be sick! So I am just keepin on movin and waiting for it to go away!) Anyhow, I was being really lazy with it and decided this weekend that we were going to make her sleep in her own bed this week.

I tried the Nanny 911 method. Which is sitting in the room, not looking at her, and staying in the room until she stops crying. That didn't work so well. I just couldn't handle her sitting there reaching her arms out crying "MOMMY!" It made me sad to think that she thought I was ignoring her. So then I just went out of her room and decided that every time she got out of the bed I was going to put her back in. We went thru that about 10 times and I decided to just lay down with her for a few minutes. I fell asleep in her bed with her and I woke up at 11pm. I sneaked out and went to my bed to sleep. She didn't wake up until 5:45am - I went in her room and just sat next to her bed and she layed back down. Once she was asleep (about 5 minutes) I went back to bed. Then I had to wake her up at 7:40 to get her ready to go to "school." I made her a "Big Girl Bed" sticker chart (thanks Lana!) and she was excited to put a sticker in her little square. We taped it on her door so she can always see it. I am not really sure if she understood it but maybe she will after a few days.

So... that is the update on the Big Girl Bed... maybe tonight will be even better!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Notsomuch -

So... Last night was Ava Grace's first night in the big girl bed. It didn't work out so well. She kept getting out of it all night. She was okay as long as I was sitting right there next to it but as soon as I left her side she got so upset.

So... This is going to be a difficult next couple of weeks but I know she can do it. Last night she ended up sleeping in our room because I was so tired.

I am sick right now. I am not really sure what I have - it is for sure some sort of cold or something. Last night I had a fever of 102 - I was freezing and could not get warm. I ache all over and can not breathe out of my nose... I don't have a fever this morning so maybe I am getting better. Hopefully I don't have the flu or anything like that!

Well, enough about me. I hope you have a great day today!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time for a Big Girl Bed!!

As I sat down to do my daily blog reading... I heard a thump and little footsteps running to my office...

Ava Grace climbed out of her crib!!

So, we are about to start the nite nite routine all over AGAIN! She is on a pretty good routine right now but here lately we have been having to let her whine a little in her bed. Well, she sure showed me tonight! She whined a little and then pranced in here to find me! Now - she is laying in our bed "trying" to go to sleep! We are already starting off bad... I know! Tomorrow we will have to turn her bed into a toddler bed and tackle the new sleeping routine.

This is gonna be LOTS of FUN!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I KNOW....

Ava Grace did the funniest thing last night. After we got her out of the bathtub I put her on the bed and was getting her dressed. Kyle was pointing to shapes on her pajamas and asking her what they were. She was tired and sucking on her finger and wouldn't say anything. So, Kyle and I started talking about the shapes that she knows... Then Ava Grace took her finger out of her mouth and started talking to us really loud...


It was hilarious! I wish I would have had it on video! That was the most that she had ever talked at once and we actually knew what she was saying. She wanted to make sure that we knew that she DOES KNOW all of those things!!

and PINKY is the color pink! I think she gets pink and piggy mixed together - since the piggy is pink! HAHA!

She makes me smile more and more every day!

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Surprise!!

I am so glad to be home! Kyle surprised me with a NEW KING SIZE BED!!

I was so excited! We had a queen size bed and have really been wanting a king size bed for a while now. YAY!!

My husband has brought in MAJOR brownie points!!

I hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank You Jesus!

I love music! The two songs below are really helping me in my life right now.

I hope you enjoy them and that they help you the way they have helped me today. It is amazing the things that God puts in your face when you are feeling low. I was looking for something else on my computer and this came up. He is with me! Always! I am so thankful to have such a loving Father. He always places Peace in my heart. Thank You Jesus!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cool Girl!!

I wanted to post this picture from a few weeks ago! We were eating at Olive Garden and she was having so much fun playing with my sunglasses...

She is so funny!!

**I took the pic with my phone so the quality isn't that great... but you can still see it :-)

Working and Playing...

So, I am at beach right now for our Summer Wrap Up meeting. We are planning for the Fall and the Upcoming 2010 Recruiting Season. It is so great to work with such wonderful people.

We have been working in the mornings in the room and then taking our Legal Pads and Planners to the beach to finish up the day. It has been a lot of fun and we are getting a ton done!!

Of course I miss my hubby and sweet little girl. They are having some good Daddy/Daughter time right now! I just talked to them and Ava Grace was playing and having a good time!! Daddy said that they have a surprise for me when I get home and I will be very happy! I can't wait to see them Thursday!!

Hope you all have had a great day!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Awesome Feeling...

It is so awesome the feeling I get after praying. As soon as I am done I feel so much lighter...

I know I have blogged about this before but it is too great to not blog about again...

Just wanted to share...

Hope you have a great day! and if you have anything weighing on your heart or anyone in your life that needs help don't forget that God is always listening. He may not take care of it right then but in time He will show you the way. Just be true to yourself and Him and it will be okay.

Love love...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is this bad?

So... I have been trying to walk in the mornings around 5:30-6:30...

I want to lose weight. Not alot of weight...

Just about 5-7 more pounds...

Is it bad that I do not drink any water until I can get home to weigh myself first?


OK OK OK! I know that is bad!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spaghetti Supper

Here are a few pics of Ava Grace from last night. She LOVES spaghetti!!

All cleaned up and ready for Night Night!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Ready for Shopping this weekend!?!?!?!

So excited! This weekend is tax free back to school shopping! We are getting some new clothes and I am getting some supplies for my office! AND we are going to get the decorations for Ava Grace's birthday party!! YAY!! I can't wait!

AND Aunt Caroline is going to be here this weekend to hang out with AG and me!


I hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Sick Baby

Tuesday night everything went as planned. Daddy had plans with his friends and AG and I played. After we went thru the whole bedtime routine she got in the bed and went Night Night...

Then it happened... 20 minutes later... she started screaming like she was hurting. I went in her room to check on her and she was very sick. She threw up all over the place... We called Daddy to come home and she got sick 6 more times... She would not drink anything or even eat a popsicle... she could barely hold her little head up so we headed to the emergency room...

She got sick 2 times in the waiting room and they finally took us back. They put in an IV and gave her some fluids and some Zofran to help with the nausea. They took her blood and said she had a stomach virus. Before they gave her the fluids her little lips were so dry and they were starting to turn blue on the edges. She strained so hard and it was so scary. I felt so bad for her and wished it could have been me instead. After she got the fluids and medicine she started feeling much better.

Every time she would get sick she would say "It's okay!"... then when the nurse that gave her the IV was leaving the room she said "Bye Bye I lub u" ... it was so sweet...

Then yesterday she had a low grade fever in the morning and it was gone by the afternoon. I think she is all well today but kept her at home just in case she wasn't completely over it.

So - the last couple of days have been a little crazy and my house is a wreck. In between working and giving AG attention I am trying to get this place straight and get some laundry done... I AM READY FOR THE WEEKEND!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Messy Eater...

I just ordered 9 of these for my messy little eater that loves to pull her bibs off! I am tired of her cute little outfits getting stains on them that even OxyClean won't remove! Can't wait for them to come in!

I am going to have some of them monogrammed with her name for daycare and some appliques put on the others... Can't wait for her to wear them :-)

They are only $3.40 each - which I thought was a GREAT DEAL! Go to Worldwide-USA and order your little messy eater some today!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lazy Sunday...


Church, Out to Lunch, Grocery Shopping for the week, then Nap Time for AG and Lazy Time for me...

It has been wonderful!!

P.S. My sweet little niece had her First Birthday Party yesterday! Check out my Sister-in-Law's blog for the pictures! Everything was Super Cute and Ava Grace had a blast!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Check this out!! So much fun!!

Hi Everyone!

You have got to go HERE and check out this giveaway! It is super cute!

Have a happy Saturday! We are headed to Nashville for my sweet little niece's First Birthday Party!!

It is going to be a fun day!! Love love and Hope you have a great weekend!