Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Something More...

Do you ever feel like you should be doing something more with your life?

I do not want this post to sound like I am not happy with my life - because I am EXTREMELY HAPPY! I have my husband and my sweet little Ava Grace that makes me laugh and appreciate life everyday...

I just feel like I should be doing something extra with my life. Just a little something more for others. I wake up some days and have this feeling that there is someone that needs me beyond my immediate family.

One of my good friends and me were talking the other day... We always have great talks about God and religion and being the best Christian that we can be. She was telling me that her service last week was about facing Jesus when we die. Jesus loves that we do things for others and spread his word but she said that her Priest said that we should imagine Him saying this...

"What did you do to glorify My name with the talents that I have blessed you with?"

To be completely honest - I have NEVER really thought about it like that. I just think to myself...

I am a good person.
I try to do right.
I say my prayers.
I go to church... (not as often as I should, I admit)
I sing in the Praise Team at church.
I read my Bible.
I try to help others.
I am thankful for the things I have.
I work hard to help provide for my family.
I try to be a good mother to Ava Grace.

But... What have I done for God with the talents he has given me? What talents?

What is my talent that I can use to glorify God? I don't know...

I sing in the Praise team at church but I feel like there is still something missing...

This was just a thinking post... It helps me to type it out and look at it and FYI I love getting feedback on my posts. It makes me really happy! :-)

Right now all I can do is pray about it and ask for direction. If you have any ideas of ways I can help others more I would love to hear it. We do sponsor a family at Christmas but I still feel like that is not enough.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Music Monday...

I love this song... This makes me look forward to making lots of Mother-Daughter memories with Ava Grace... It is so sweet...

Taylor Swift used her own home videos to make this. How awesome is that?!?

Big Girls Don't Cry...

She did SO GOOD TODAY!! She started curling her little lip up as soon as we walked in the door but she did not cry. She went to her teacher and just kept on sucking her finger and holding her blanket. Last week we were prying her off of me - so... this is a fantastic start to a great week!

She for sure gets a prize today for being such a little angel!!


We had a great weekend... Daddy played golf all weekend so it was just AG and me

Friday: We went to the movies for her 1st time. It went pretty well for a not even 2 year old. She loved it but wanted to carry on a conversation with everyone around us. We didn't stay the whole time but she still had a blast. Then we went to Mimi's house to visit and Gavin, Roman, and Aunt Shelby came over to play for a little bit. Then we went to eat at Taco Casa... YUMMY!!

Saturday: Aunt Terri and Colin came up to play. They had a lot of fun!! I can already tell that they are going to be gettting into a lot of trouble together!!

Sunday: We did absolutely nothing... just stayed in and played...

How was your weekend?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Good News

She did cry hysterically this morning when I dropped her off. But I went back at around 9:30 and she was having fun playing! I am so glad! I have been so worried about her.

This afternoon I am going to take her to the movies for the 1st time. We'll see how that goes! She may think it is fun! I just wanted to do something special for her because I know this has been a rough week!!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the dropping off will get better over the next week!!

Being a mother is hard... my nerves are shot and I am so glad it is Friday!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today was even worse...

So as soon as I was heading down the road toward daycare she started screaming. It makes me feel like the worst mother.

Well, let me start off by explaining that last year she went to the daycare at our church. I took her out for the summer to be with me (guess that was a mistake.) I have heard alot of really good things about another daycare where we live and they do half days and our old daycare did not so I wanted to give it a try. Ava Grace is really good with other people and I just KNEW she would be fine.

Well, evidently she is not so fine. Today when the teacher went to get her - she HIT HER! She never acts like that! Then she was just screaming. Needless to say I left crying and she was crying too. I kept thinking that maybe I have made a mistake. Maybe I should keep her at the daycare at our church where she is used to everything. I just don't know how many more days I can take of this.

I called a little while ago and they said that she was still crying on and off. So my child has been crying for 2 hours.

At our old daycare she did not act like that. I know that she is older now and is more aware of what is going on. But I am just trying to think about it from how she sees it - new building, new playground, new friends, new teachers... she only knows 1 child in the class :-(

I may not be able to keep her there.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Smart Girl

Ava Grace already has daycare figured out. When I drove up to the church this morning she started crying. Then she was ATTACHED to me - I mean I really could not get her off of me! I felt so bad.

I stayed for a little while to get her warmed up but that didn't work. I had to leave and I heard her screaming all the way out to my car.

When I went back to pick her up only 4 hours later. I peeked in her room and she was laughing and playing and dancing around. She was having fun so that made me feel better.

I hope tomorrow goes better. She has been at home with me all summer so I know she is really attached right now. I just hope she makes lots of new friends!:-)

Monday, July 20, 2009


Gotta love Mondays...

I started mine with a 4 mile walk at 6am.

It felt GREAT!

Then I took AG to her new daycare... :-)

I went home and worked... called LOTS of customers to register them for camp...

Picked AG up at 12

and now she is napping and I have been working...

I somehow managed to squeeze in a minute to type this...

When she wakes up we will play and then she has gymnastics...

Daddy is coming to watch tonight!


How is your Monday going?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Date Night

Little Bit played with Mimi last night so the hubby and I could have a date night. It has been so long since we have had a date - just the 2 of us.

After we dropped AG off it felt weird! She has been with me all summer non-stop. I love my baby but I needed a break! So anyway - we went to eat at the Japanese Steakhouse and I got my fav... Steak and Chicken! While we were waiting for our food this is how it went down...

I sipped on my hurricane

Kyle pulled out his phone... SURPRISE!! He is so addicted to his iPhone

I started asking if I was not any fun - hence the cell phone at our dinner

Then he said "I wanted us to read the NEWS!"

What? READ THE FREAKIN NEWS! Are you kidding me!?!

Then I proceeded to tell him how this was SO GOING ON MY BLOG!

Then it was time to eat...

Our food was so GOOD! And our cook was awesome! After we were full we headed to Barnes and Noble to kill a little time before our movie started. On the way there he said "You are so much fun when you drink!" What the heck is that all about?!? "Am I not any fun when I don't drink?!?" I said - then he started stumbling around with his words, laughing, and basically telling me that when I drink I am more relaxed and not so structured and stressed.

Maybe I should become an alcoholic... notsomuch...

Anywho - we went to the book store and I bought this book.

When she was born I read The Happiest Baby on the Block and it really helped me with her feeding and sleeping schedule. It made a world of difference in the amount that she cried and I could read her signals much better. Right now she is really curious and is into everything! I know that is just a part of her age but I need to know what the best way is to deal with it. We are also about to start potty training too - I will let you know how it all turns out. I know that she will go to the potty one day and that she will grow up and be a good girl but for right now... for my sanity... I need to read this book.

So - back to the date - then we went to see THE HANGOVER and it was FREAKIN HILARIOUS! I am not kidding - I laughed hysterically the whole time! It did have bad language and was slightly crude in more ways than one but it was all in fun. I absolutely loved it!

Then the date ended and we went back to Mimi's to get Little Bit. Her and Mimi were playing the piano when we got there (around 9:40pm!) When we walked in the door she gave me this look like - I AM NOT LEAVING NOW! I AM PLAYING THE PIANO!... She had so much fun! We loaded up and got home around 11.

It was really great for Kyle and me to have that time together. It made me realize that I get so wrapped up in taking care of Ava Grace and everything else around here I forget to relax and just enjoy being a Mommy and Wife. There is just not much to love about doing housework, laundry, and changing poopies. But I did find out that I need to set aside some special time to go on a date and reconnect with my husband every couple of weeks. I am also going to throw some fun family nights in there too.

Love Love

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Moving On...

I listened to this song over and over tonight while I was walking. It just puts me in a mood that is hard to describe. It is about putting the past behind you and moving on with your life. That is a hard thing for me to do because I constantly think about the past and I dwell on it. Seriously, I dwell on it. I know that I shouldn't but I do. Listening to this song tonight really made me think about my life. I need to just be happy with myself and move on. I am so blessed and life has so much to offer. I need to enjoy every day more instead of filling the hours in the day with worry and thoughts of the past. Listen to the song. What does it make you think of?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Papaw!

My Papaw would have been 80 today! He was such a character! Growing up, we lived next door to my grandparents. I would go to their house every afternoon and sit with him on the front porch and talk. I would get out in the yard and do cartwheels and forward rolls and he would clap for me and say "Do it again! You're really good at that!" They also had a pool and he would always make all of the grandkids milkshakes to sip after swimming. They were so perfect! He knew just how everyone liked theirs - they were so good! I miss those days!! I could go on and on about all of the funny, loving, and mischievous things that he did. I can't wait to see him again someday!!


Papaw loved to wear Hawaiian shirts like this - He was the life of the party!

This is us skating when I was little. He loved to have a good time - this was at my birthday party...

This picture was taken on Christmas Eve - He loved the holidays! And he loved spending time with us! I love this picture because he is smiling so BIG!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Yellow Creek Weekend

We had a blast this past weekend with all of the family! Here are some pictures...

In the car on our way to Yellow Creek! Ava Grace was so excited!

Ava Grace has a hard time taking a nap if there is alot going on. Needless to say there was ALOT going on so we took a little boat ride to help her get to Sleepy Town!

Mimi and Ava Grace playing together!!

This is my youngest nephew, Gavin. He is so sweet!!

Ava Grace in her 4th of July dress - this past weekend was our 2nd 4th of July for this year!!

My oldest nephew, Roman, and my cousin Mark Gregory had so much fun playing together!

The boys had fun hitting golf balls off of the pier. It was Heaven for Kyle - being on the water and playing golf! It doesn't get much better than that!!

Ava Grace playing in the Bouncer... She had so much fun jumping in this with her cousins!

Daddy playing with Ava Grace and Gavin at the baby pool - Thank you Mimi for getting a baby pool for them to play in! They loved it!!

Mamaw and Me - Mamaw was SO EXCITED to have all of her kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids there. We ALL grew up going to Yellow Creek every weekend. My Mamaw and Papaw had a cabin there and my parents had a cabin there. It was our home away from home! Now - my Aunt Kim is the only one that has a cabin at Yellow Creek. Kyle and I hope to build a place there in the future!

Ava Grace playing in the baby pool with her new life vest on! She loves it!

My Mom(Mimi), Ava Grace and her YUMMY popsicle (she ate ALOT of popsicles!), and my sister(Aunt Shelby)

My nephew, Colin; My cousin, Abby; and Ava Grace - Mimi brought them some surprises to play with on the deck! We had marker EVERYWHERE! But they had so much fun coloring and that is ALL that matters!!

Mimi helping Ava Grace with her stickers! She finally stopped eating stickers - Now we can play with them!!

Little Bit was exhausted from the weekend and passed out as soon as we got home!

Baby Pool, Jet Skis, Boat Rides, Yummy Food, Bouncy for the kids, Skiing, hiking, tubing, Being with Family, Reminiscing of old times, Eating together, Praying together, Coloring and Stickers for the kids, Watermelon, jumping on the Trampoline in the Water, Hitting golf balls off of the floating dock, Hanging out in the River on floats with the people you love the most, laughing, night talk, tons of pictures, Margaritas and Coronas, sweet little kids everywhere... It was definitely a weekend to remember!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Family Reunion Weekend!!

We are on our way to the River today for a fun filled weekend with the fam jam! We are all so excited! Everyone is getting to come!! This will be the 1st time we have all been together in about 8 or 10 years!! Isn't that crazy!?!

Ava Grace isn't going to know what to think! I have her bag packed and she is SO EXCITED! She knows we are going somewhere fun because I packed her water toys and bubbles...

And by the way... this is her "You're making me mad!" face... I was trying to get her to take a pic for me last night so I took her baby and held it up next to me trying to get her to smile... well, it just did the opposite - it really put her over the edge!!

She got over it pretty quick and went right back to playing with her baby... :-)

Have a great weekend! I will be sure to take lots of pics to show you!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fighting the Urge!!

It is one of those days again! I WANT TO BUY SOMETHING! Is that crazy!?!

Here are the things that I want to buy right now:

1) Sunglasses - not an expensive pair because I will prob lose them

2) AG a sandbox... guess I will need sand for it too!

3) White and Khaki pair of Capri's

4) Pictures for AG's Playroom

5) Bathing Suit that I don't feel fat in... (NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE!)

6) Dressy Tops or some dresses to wear to church... I wear the SAME THING every Sunday!!

7) Makeup - this is a MUST!

To be honest I think I just need a girls night! I want to sit down and have a good meal, be able to eat it without saying "NO! Don't throw your food", "Sit in your seat like a big girl", "Don't throw your cup!", "Inside Voices"... I also want to be able to leave dinner and not have to stress about picking up all of the food under the high chair (this really stresses me out! I hate to leave my table looking like a tornado hit it!) Most of the time we go out to dinner - I eat my food SO FAST! I don't even think that I chew it! Shopping is a whole new post in itself...

This is what I want to do. Eat. Shop. Relax. And have an adult conversation.

Is that too much to ask?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yay for a TOY FREE kitchen!!

Well, at least for tonight! I finally cleaned out Ava Grace's playroom tonight! It looks much better! And I FINALLY moved her kitchen set and play food into the playroom instead of having it in my kitchen.

The original idea was that she would play in her kitchen while I cook dinner at night. I didn't think about the fact that she did not want to cook in her kitchen - she wanted to cook in MY KITCHEN with the REAL STUFF! Anyway - I was tired of stepping on little plates and bowls and cracker boxes and fake food!

My car is LOADED DOWN right now with bags of toys and stuffed animals that are going to Goodwill tomorrow. I seriously have like 10 of them packed in my car!! I saved the toys that I thought would be good for our next baby and we put those in a plastic tote in the attic. I moved the furniture around too - It always makes me feel good to move the furniture around every once in a while!!

The next move is to get some pictures on the walls. Right now it is pretty plain. I am going to order some poster prints from KodakGallery and frame those for her room but I also need some other cute paintings to put up too. Where could I get some really cute paintings or prints that are not too expensive?

Hope you had a great day! I am looking forward to starting my Thursday with a clean kitchen, baby room, and playroom!! Her closet is ANOTHER STORY!! I am going to chill on that one for a little bit.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Day...

So, today has been pretty normal for us.

Woke up at 7am

Ava Grace had Chocolate Milk and yogurt

I worked and she played with her toys

We ran errands and played outside

She ate lunch

Then AG napped (for 3 hours - WOW! I know!) and guess what! I WORKED!!

Then she woke up at 4 :-)

She ate a WHOLE CUPCAKE for snack! Healthy - right?

Then we went to Freds and she got some new coloring books and twistable crayons and Mommy got Aspirin for my headache from being on the phone with customers all day

Then we went home and ate dinner and Daddy had a boys night

We played with Carson then AG went to bed... and guess what!

I have been working ever since... BUT NOW... I think I am going to hang it up for tonight and pick it up in the morning...


Love Love Night Night

Monday, July 6, 2009

Blog Hop!!

FUN FUN FUN! I am loving the blog hop hosted by MckLinky - What an awesome idea! Welcome to my blog!

This picture is of my little girl, Ava Grace, and me at the beach a few months ago. She is almost 2 and making me smile everyday! I mostly blog about the funny things that she does and some days I just blog about the way I feel. Isn't it a wonderful stress reliever!?!?!

I am glad that you stopped by my blog - check out Ava Grace's gymnastics pictures here. They are super cute! We started gymnastics for her to get out and do something fun... it turned out to be a GREAT WORKOUT for me!

Thank you for visiting!! Have a great day!

MckLinky Blog Hop

Toys Toys Toys

I am so tired of picking up toys!! I have declared July DECLUTTER MONTH! This week I will be going through Ava Grace's toys and either giving them away or consigning them. It is INSANE the number of toys and stuffed animals that she has. Don't get me wrong... I am not going to give away all of my baby's toys - BUT she can only play with so much and I can only pick up so many stuffed animals. Right now she is wanting to dress them - so she drags out ALL of her clothes and shoes and gives them all a NEW LOOK! Then she says, "OH, THAT'S CUTE!" - It's really precious but I think I am about to lose my mind.

We need a little more structure in the playroom... My OCD can not take it too much longer!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Party Hat Cookies!

My Nephew, Gavin, is having his 1st birthday party on Sunday!! I can't believe he is almost 1. This year has just flown by!!

I made Party Hat Cookies today for his birthday party. They turned out really cute!! and they are YUMMY! I messed up one and JUST HAD TO EAT IT!!

And I had a fantastic little helper today! She was really concentrating on doing a GREAT JOB!! OH... and she tasted a little too!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

She Makes Me Smile...

Tonight I had to leave AG and Kyle for a few minutes to borrow some cookie supplies from Nana and check the mail at the Post Office...

When I got home Ava Grace came running to the door with Barney and she was yelling, "THAT'S MY MOMMY!"

How sweet is that?!?

I love her so much!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Future Purchases...

We have a lot of things that we need to buy in the next few months... Here are a few that I am working on right now...

1. Rail for our back porch... since we moved in our house MAY 2007 and still do NOT have one...

2. KING size bed... we are sleeping on Kyle's queen size bed that he has had since he was about 10... I think! I think we will be getting this next month.

3. Ava Grace's birthday supplies... we are having a Luau so it shouldn't be too expensive but I do tend to get carried away when it comes to her.

4. Not Really a purchase... but I have a goal to be debt free by the 1st of the year. (exception: house and car payments)

So, with that being said... Any ideas on where I can buy some really cute inexpensive Luau party supplies?

WOW! It's amazing how much better it makes you feel to list the things you need. My brain works better this way.