Saturday, February 28, 2009


So I did not end up going to Dallas this weekend after all. Kristia's mother in law and kids were all sick. There were 36 kids out of school last week in the 5th grade here in Fayette. Half of them were confirmed with the flu virus! YIKES! Needless to say there were just not enough people to help out so we stayed here and Kristia is taking care of her munchkins. Trying to get them well and keep them apart from each other. I stayed here to help cover for her...

Kyle said that it might snow tonight! I hope it does! Just enough to get some pretty pictures... and not enough to make Kyle go work on the cable! I just LOVE snow... I think it is so beautiful!! If it does I will for sure post pictures tomorrow.

Well, I guess I am about to go to bed. Gotta be up bright and early for church in the morning. Love love

Thursday, February 26, 2009


So... Ava Grace started gymnastics yesterday. She had so much fun and was such a good girl!! First, she jumped on the trampoline for a little while. Then she got to play in the foam pit (this was one of her favorites!) After that she stretched and did a really good job. She was touching her toes and shaking her arms!! Then she had a ladder that she had to climb up and then back down. The ladder was a little tricky!! Then she got to climb on the wedge mats on the floor. She LOVED this part. She would climb up one side and then her teacher would help her do a forward roll down the other side. Lastly the class walked on the balance beam - this was a little tricky too!! But she tried really hard!! At the end she got a stamp on each foot and on her hand for being such a good girl and for following directions.

There was so much going on at the beginning I did not get to take too many pictures. But here are a few of her in her cute little leotard! I didn't know they made them so little!! I will get more pictures next week!

This picture was taken this past weekend. Ava Grace was trying on her new leotard! Of Course she can't go anywhere without her puppy and purse! She was walking around the house saying "BYE!"

This picture was taken yesterday morning as we were getting ready to leave. She was all ready!!

This is Ava Grace and her class after gymnastics class. She is getting her stamps in this picture! All of the little girls were so adorable!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pics from Roman and Gavin's visit last weekend

Here are a couple of pics from Roman and Gavin's visit last weekend. I couldn't find my SD Card uploader on Saturday...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fav Pic of the Month...

Here is my favorite pic of Ava Grace from February so far and wanted to share.

Have a great day!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family Day...

This has been such a great weekend. Today was wonderful too. We started the day off with Ava Grace waking up at 8am (that is more like it!!) Then we went to church at 9 this morning. Ava Grace had fun in the nursery with the other kids! Then we all went to get some groceries... that is a rare occasion. Then we came home and played. We all had sandwiches for lunch and Ava Grace and Daddy went to sleep on the couch for 2 hours!! They were so cute. I wanted to take a picture but didn't want to wake them up!! While they were asleep I got caught up on work so tomorrow I will be able to breathe at some point. This evening we watched a movie with the youth from church... FIREPROOF... It was a really good movie! and we had a really good time! Tonight Ava Grace did not really want to go to sleep - she wanted to stay up and play. She is in her bed now... asleep finally... with 6 Care Bears, 1 big bear, "THE" Blankee, and 3 other blankets. For some reason she loves to sleep with ALL of those things!! Sounds safe - huh?!?!

Anyway - we really enjoyed our Family Day!! We are trying to have Family Day more often. Daddy is about to start full force playing golf so it may be a while before we have Family Day again... but we can for sure do a family night instead!!

I am off to Dallas next weekend for NCA All Star Nationals. This will be my 1st time to attend NCA's Nationals so I am looking forward to seeing their events. It will be a busy weekend but it will go by fast.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fun Saturday...

Ava Grace and I have had a great day today. We woke up a little too early for a Saturday... 6am. But then we snuggled in our big chair for a long time. Then we had Hotcakes from McD's for breakfast - YUMMY! Aunt Caroline and Ava Grace played while I got ready for Aunt Shelby, Gavin, and Roman to visit. We all went to eat at Lisa's for lunch and Ava Grace and Roman had so much fun. Gavin did too - but was getting really sleepy and wanted his Mommy to hold him. Then we went to the park - I know... Brrr!! It was a lot colder than we thought. That didn't last long but it was worth it to see Roman go down the BIG GREEN SLIDE!!! He is so big now! (by the way he is starting COACH PITCH BALL this year... not Tee Ball like we thought!!) Then we came back to the house to play and they left here about 3:30. Then... Ava Grace and I took a nap on the couch!! When I woke up I put her in her bed and she is still asleep. Good thing because we are going to have a late night tonight. We are going to Shelley and Kyle's and Ava Grace is going to play with Chloe Beth... I love days like these!!

Uh oh - I hear her... she is up! Gotta Go! LOVE LOVE

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not Sleeping!!

On Sunday night - Ava Grace woke up at 3:45am crying hysterically! I went in her room and held her for a little while and put her back in the bed. Then Monday night - she did it again! She went to bed around 8pm and woke up at 11, 1, 3:30, and 5. Then last night she would not go to sleep. I knew she was tired because she only slept for an hour and ten minutes at daycare. She finally went to sleep around 9:30 and then woke up at 1, 3:30, 5, and 7. I took her back to the doctor on Monday to have her ears rechecked since she had double ear infections a couple of weeks ago. He said that everything looked fine. The only conclusions I can come to is teething or nightmares. It looks like she is cutting some teeth on the bottom. I might pull out the teething tablets tonight and see how that works. I just feel so bad for her because I don't know what is wrong... any ideas??

Gotta go pick Little Bit up... then Praise team practice... love love

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day!

Ava Grace colored in her Valentines last night! She had so much fun! We were in charge of bringing the cheese puffs to the party today. She wanted to eat them on the way to school... SHE LOVES CHEESE PUFFS!! When we got to daycare - I let her down and she practically RAN to her classroom. That was a first! She couldn't wait to get in the door! So, I know she is having a great time today!

Tonight we are off to see Mama Faye and then to Addison's 1st birthday party!! Maybe she will take a nap on the way to Ttown. We'll see!!

Back to work... love love

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Curly Hair!!

Well - I made it through the weekend and missed Ava Grace and Kyle like crazy!! Kristia and I came thru Tuscaloosa yesterday to pick up Ava Grace at Mimi's. She had such a great time! She played with Roman, Gavin, and Colin all weekend. She also went to a jewelry party and is in LOVE with bracelets now!! Mimi also let me know that she LOVES cheese straws too!! She is surprising me everyday - this is such a fun age.

We tried sponge rollers for the 2nd time last night! The first time we tried them we used the pink ones and they are a little to big for her right now. I bought 2 other sizes - the yellow(medium) and the blue(small) rollers. Last night we tried the blue rollers. She slept all night with them in her hair - no problem!! Then this morning it was hilarious!! Her hair was in tight little curls everywhere. It was a mess!! I almost put her back in the tub to wash her hair and get the curl out but decided to go for pigtails instead. They turned out so cute! Everyone at daycare was commenting on how cute it looked!! She walked around the place like she KNEW she looked good!! I would say - "Oh! Ava Grace! You look so pretty!!" and she would throw her head back, roll her eyes and smile!! Here are some pictures - the first is what it looked like as soon as I took the rollers out and the other picture is the finished product!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ava Grace is feeling better... and off I go AGAIN...

Well - Thank God Ava Grace is feeling better. She woke up and did not have a fever yesterday morning and today so the meds must be working. Last night we went to eat dinner with Mama Faye. She gave Ava Grace LOTS of new clothes! YAY!! We love when she buys clothes!! They are all adorable - they are mostly spring and summer clothes! I just can't wait for her to wear them.

So I am off to Orlando again tomorrow. I leave in the morning and will be back on Monday around lunch. I hate leaving little bit and Kyle - but with the economy that way it is I will pretty much go anywhere they need me too. That is just the way it is. Time will go by fast while I am gone though - we usually start around 7 and don't get to sit down/eat or anything until about 10pm. We do this Sat and Sun and then fly home early Monday morning. It makes for a long work week because it is like working 2 weeks straight without a day off. I can't complain though - I love my job! and I love everyone I work with!!

For now... back to work! Love love!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Little Ava Grace is sick...

Ava Grace woke up with a fever of 102 this morning. She was burning up! I took her straight to the doctor and she has ear infections in both ears and a small case of bronchiolitis. We took her to see about getting tubes before Christmas and the ENT doctor said her hearing was great and that her ears looked really good too. He said that she did have some fluid on her ears but that it was not enough to affect her. He left it up to us - so we chose to not get the tubes. Today the doc said that if she gets another one after this that he is sending us back to the ENT. He said that most likely she will get over this one and then it will be spring weather and she will not get another one. Then next winter he said her immunity should be built up enough to not get them anymore. I guess we will wait and see!! When she woke up from her nap today her temp was about 102.9. She cuddled with me all afternoon - I hated she was sick but I was lovin the cuddling. I will update you tomorrow on how she is doing - hopefully it will be good news!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Playing at the Park!

Ava Grace and I met Tasha and Parker at the Park on Sunday and we had so much fun!! and I realized something... my child is NOT afraid of anything!! She climbed up the the playset to the slide and went down it by herself. She is growing up!! When she would get to the bottom - she would clap her hands and say "YAY!" - They had so much fun playing together! I know Parker and Ava Grace will always be great friends. Tasha and I were worn out by the time we left!! It was worth it though!!

I have GREAT pictures from our playdate - thanks to Nana!! Nana bought us a new camera and it is really AWESOME!! I am not sure how to work everything on it yet - I read the manual but I think it will be a learn as you go process. Here are some of the pictures from Sunday!! Enjoy!!