Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ava Grace's Pics...

I finally got Ava Grace's 18 month pictures made (although she is almost 20 months!) Here are some of them. I was really happy with them! I thought they all turned out so cute!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fun at the park...

Today it is so beautiful outside! This morning we went to the park and we had a ton of fun! Ava Grace got to feed the ducks and was amazed. She kept yelling "HI! QUACK QUACK!" Then we played on the playground with Sofi and Parker. It was a fun morning!!

This afternoon I think we might go to the splash pad if it is open! Or we might get out her splash ball and play here at the house. Here are some pictures from this morning.

"Quack Quack!!" - Ava Grace SO EXCITED to see the ducks!

The Ducks!

Ava Grace and her buddy Parker

Pretty little Sofi

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pray for Mimi...

Please pray for my Mom. Yesterday morning she was getting out of the shower and fell. She broke her ankle, cracked her tibia and the bone above her knee. She also has a torn ACL and other ligaments are torn in her knee. She is in the hospital right now and will maybe go home tomorrow. She is in a lot of pain so please pray for her. The orthapedic doc came by this afternoon and said that they will not have to do surgery so that is definitely good news.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thank you Plato's Closet!

They didn't take all of my clothes. Actually I don't think they even took a third of them but I was excited because I got $145 for what they did take! YAY!

That money is headed to the "Shopping for ME" fund! Sounds a little selfish... I know. If you were dealing with these frustrations when getting ready everyday then you would understand completely!!

So excited!! Now I need to sell the rest of it...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Plato's Closet here I come!!

I just finished getting together my clothes to take tomorrow. My closet is still a little cluttered and there is more work to do but this is the 1st step!

I have 81 articles of clothing to take! Yea! You heard me - 81!!

I am sure they won't take all of them - just because it is so much. But whatever they will take will be wonderful!!

I have to add that it was EXTREMELY depressing and I am really not sure if I will be able to eat for the next week or so...

I will update you tomo when we get home.

Night Night

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Out with the OLD, In with the NEW...

So... I think I have come to realize that my closet is overflowing with LOTS of clothes I do not and can not wear. I need to declutter my house and my closet is the first place I am going to start. So, where should I take these clothes?

Unfortunately I don't think I can just "give" them away because I am going to have to buy some new clothes. So, I was trying to find a really good consignment place to take them to. I need ideas... Have you ever tried Plato's Closet? I have never been there but just heard about it. Any other consignment places in Tuscaloosa that I could try?

Please help me find somewhere... I am going to keep a few of my favorite things. But just a few for motivation! The way I look at it is if I get back down to a 0 or 2 again I am going shopping to CELEBRATE! So OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW!!!

I am kinda excited!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

We are a lot better today...

Well, my little baby has had a rough week. She got tubes on Tuesday. She did GREAT with them and slept the whole night thru for the 1st time in two and a half weeks. She went to Daycare on Wednesday and had a wonderful day! Then Wednesday night she woke up all night long and woke up Thurday with a 101.6 fever. So... we called the ENT and they said to just keep giving her the antibiotic she was already taking and to give her Mucinex. Thursday night she woke up about every 10-15 minutes screaming. Friday morning her temp was 101 and she had a HORRIBLE rattling cough. She was coughing so hard she threw up all over me. My poor baby was really sick so we headed to the Pediatrician. So, it turns out that she has Bronchitis. We are thinking that since she got her tubes on Tuesday that this will be the last round of antibiotics she will have for a while. HOPEFULLY! She slept a little better last night and has been playing all day today. She seems to be in a great mood.

The doctor said to not take her out for a few days so this afternoon we are just going to bring the toys inside! We are going to blow up her Sesame Street ball pit in the living room and just play inside! What is Daddy going to think when he walks in the door?!?

And, Daddy is getting up Tilapia and New Potatoes to cook for dinner! YUMMY!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Cookies!!

Check out my Easter cookies that I made for Ava Grace's class. Leftovers are going to the fam...


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hypoallergenic isn't for everyone...

I used to think that if a face lotion said hypoallergenic that anyone could use it and everything would be ok. Just for the record - NOPE! Today my face is swollen, red, and I can feel my heart beating thru my cheeks.

It's really cute! :-(

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mean "I" teeth!

AG is cutting her "I" teeth right now. The little points are thru and I can't wait for them to be completely thru. She is drooling so bad and chewing on everything. I bought her this cool teether tonight. I think it is made by Playtex. It looks like a pacifier except the part that goes in your mouth has ridges on it for her to chew on. She loves it.

Also, she has been a little sick for the past couple of days. We took her to the doc today and she has a really bad ear infection in her left ear. On top of that she has a yucky runny nose and congested chest. Needless to say she will be staying at home with me tomorrow and hopefully will be well enough to go to gymnastics on Wednesday. One week from tomorrow she will get her tubes in. I can't wait for her to have some relief.

It hurts for me to see her in pain. I wish I could just take all of the pain away. I am sure all mothers have that feeling when their baby is sick.

Night Night...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

No Shirt Pics...

Just wanted to explain what happened on Saturday, April 4th. We were outside playing with CLOTHES ON then I decided to run inside and get the Sprinkler Ball. As I was blowing the ball up by myself (where is the air pump when you need it?) Ava Grace was laying on the ball trying to play with it. Finally, I got the ball inflated and we were going to let her play with it without water. Then she loved it so much we just could not help ourselves. We turned on the water and my lightheaded self from blowing up the HUGE BALL did not feel like fighting her trying to put on a bathing suit so I just took off the sparkly sequin flashy shirt she was wearing and let her just play in the water. I wasn't sure if the shirt she was wearing would make it thru the water play and really didn't want to ruin it the first time she got to wear it. I am sure all of you know Ava Grace's little temper and taking time out to put a bathing suit or another shirt on was completely out of the question. So there...

Fun with Easter Eggs...

Today we dyed eggs. We're getting in the Easter spirit! This is one of my fav things to do during Easter. I hope to make it a tradition with AG. Here are some fun pics from today!

Yes, Aunt Crystal, she doesn't have a shirt on! We didn't want to get the dye on our clothes.

Ava Grace's blue egg - or as she would say her "Boo Egg!"

Coloring Cups - I was having lots of fun with my camera... can't you tell?!?

We made a mess!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sprinkler Ball!!

Ok - I couldn't help it! This was supposed to be one of Ava Grace's Easter presents... It was SO pretty today and I just had to go ahead and let her use it! I was glad I did because she had so much fun and I got some really cute pictures. Aunt Caroline got drenched - luckily I had the camera so I didn't get wet! HAHA! Well here are a few pics from her playing today.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Clean or NOT?

Why is it that every time I clean up Ava Grace's toys she drags them out AGAIN? When can I teach her to clean up her toys? I know she has to get them out to play with them but geeeezzzzzz!!

Before I picked her up today I cleaned up her playroom, room, and kitchen set - NOW it is everywhere and all rearranged. There are stuffed animals in her refrigerator, a purse in her sink, blocks all over the floor, puzzle pieces everywhere, everything is on the floor in front of her shelves, and every book she owns is in the floor.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Leo!!

Nana went with us to gymnastics yesterday and GUESS WHAT?!? They were selling leotards!! Nana bought Ava Grace a NEW LEOTARD! Thank you Nana! It is a BAMA sparkly leotard - she looks like a little Alabama Gymnast. Nana was also able to take LOTS of pictures of Ava Grace - Here they are!!