Thursday, January 13, 2011

Guess What!?!?

We are having another baby GIRL!! YAY!!

Ava Grace is pumped and is determined that we are naming her Strawberry Shortcake. She has said the whole time that she is having a baby sister. She knew it all along!

So... on to the ultrasound. My sweet baby girl looked great. She weighed 8oz and her heart rate was around 145. Her little heart looked great - all 4 chambers were there. Her little kidneys and her brain and all of the other organs they look for were there and working away.

There was one little issue that they found. As of right now, I am calling it a little issue until my next ultrasound. I have placenta previa. That is where the placenta is covering the cervix. There is complete previa and partial previa and I think mine is complete. So, basically what that means is that I don't need to go into labor and I will need to have a c-section early with this sweet girl. I also will need to be careful with myself and watch for bleeding. My doctor said that alot of times as the uterus gets bigger the placenta will move and in that case I would be able to have a vaginal delivery. So, I will get 2 extra ultrasounds for them to monitor the baby and me. My next ultrasound will be in March. If it is still there I will most likely need to have a c-section around 37 weeks if everything goes as planned. Now, we all know that when it comes to life and everything in this world WE don't have the plan. God is the ONLY One that knows what will happen and when it will happen. So I am just going to take things one day at a time, try not to read too much on the internet, and go ahead and get everything ready for her to be here so I can be prepared if she comes early. At this point a c-section scar, stretch marks, and brown spots on my face don't really matter that much to me. I just want to make sure this sweet girl gets here safely and healthy and that I stay healthy so I can take good care of her and my sweet Ava Grace.

Love love. My thought for today... NO WORRIES!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We LOVE Snow!!

We had a blast yesterday! Ava Grace woke up at 6:30 ready to play in the snow! After a yummy breakfast of blueberry pancakes, bacon, biscuits, and eggs that is exactly what we did. First we built a snowman and then we let her ride down a few little hills next to our house. Then we jumped in the car and went to the golf course to go down the BIG hills there. It was so much fun!! I wanted to go down the hill so bad but thought I better not take the risk with Baby South #2. So I took LOTS of pictures and Daddy and AG went down the hill! We were out in the snow for about 4 hours! Then we were all hungry and went to Mc'Ds on the way home. We had a great relaxing afternoon in the house. AG and Daddy rested and I did some work. And to top it off - Kyle went and bought groceries and made Chili for supper. It was so good! AG LOVED it!! Then we got on our PJ's and watched the Bachelor - which I am LOVING by the way! - and the National Championship.

Here are some pics from the day. Love Love

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Okay! I am super excited right now because it is snowing! And just so you know - this hardly EVER happens in the south where I live. I can't wait to play in it tomo and take LOTS of pictures!!

I hope it keeps coming down. Ava Grace is pumped about building a snowman in the morning! She didn't want to go to bed...

We had a fabulous weekend! Friday night we went to eat for Kyle's grandmothers bday. Saturday we stayed in our pj's til around 2! Then got AG ready and off to Nana's house and we went to eat dinner for a friends 30th bday! It was delish and alot of fun! Today we went to church then AG and I took a nap on my big comfty chair for about 2 hours. It was a VERY RELAXING weekend!!

Also - this is a big week! I am 19 weeks this week and we will be finding out Wednesday what we are having. We are thinking girl... Which will be fine since we have LOTS of girl stuff and a nursery already decorated for a girl. BUT if its a boy we would be happy too! I would love for Kyle to have a little boy that he could take to play golf! And I would love to see some blue in my house and go to some baseball games... We'll see! I will be sure to blog an update!

For now I am going to bed! I will post pics tomo of our adventures in the snow! :-)

Love Love

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

First of all, sorry I have been a little MIA for the past couple of months! The holidays kept me a tad bit busy. I did read everyone else's blogs but just didn't post :-( BUT - I am back! :-)

I will do a post on Christmas soon but right now lets talk about new year resolutions. I decided to go back this morning and look at my post on new year resolutions from 2010 to see how I did. And sad to say I didn't do so hot. Uh Oh! Maybe I will do better in 2011!!

So - here's the list...

1.) Get ORGANIZED and STAY THAT WAY!! This is so super important. Esp with baby #2 on the way. I am going to take a room a week and try to get organized. Any organization ideas PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send them my way!! The worst room right now is Ava Grace's playroom.

2.) Exercise more... so right now I am not really exercising much at all so more would be like 3 days a week or so. Surely I can handle that!

3.) Menu Planning!! I already do this each week for the majority of the time. Some weeks I try to cut back on grocery expenses so we eat a lot of soups and sandwiches those weeks and obviously there is no need to plan :-) But thanks to Nana and Pop we got a deep freezer for Christmas!! So I am contemplating making up some meals in advance and stocking up on some things from Sam's Club. We'll see how this one goes :-)

4.) PAY OFF DEBTS!! This one should have been FIRST on the list. I seriously want to pay off my short term debts. I know my student loans and our mortgage will take a LONG time to pay off but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get any credit card debt, car loan debt, etc paid off. Ideally before the baby gets here in June!

5.) Read the Bible all the way thru! Okay - really this one should be been first and the debts #2. I have wanted to do this for a really long time. For Christmas this year my sweet little sister in law gave me a daily planner that also has a daily reading schedule to read the Bible in 1 year. I am so excited to get started on this!!

6.) Spend more time with friends and family!!

What are your plans for 2011?? I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

love love