Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ava Grace LOVES the Easter Bunny!

Yes! You heard me right. She is TOTALLY in LOVE with the Easter Bunny. After Roman's game last night we went by the mall for a little bit. I was definitely not planning to take her to see the Easter Bunny last night. Number one - she flipped out at Christmas when I took her to see Santa and Number two - she was not dressed how I wanted her to be to see the Easter Bunny and get pictures made. She was in her play clothes from the ballpark - we were seriously roughing it! So, as we were strolling thru the mall she saw the big white bunny and started pointing and smiling. I thought - ok so maybe she will like the Easter Bunny this year. THEN we got closer and she was practically hanging out of the stroller trying to get to him! So, of course I stopped - I wanted to see what she would do. I put her down and she RAN up to the Easter Bunny and said "HI!" and then gave him a hug. I put her in his lap and she started saying "FIVE!" and giving the Easter Bunny five. She was hugging, patting and loving on the Easter Bunny! I got a really cute pic of her but really wish we would have been a little more dressed up... we are FOR SURE going back!! The best part was when we were leaving - SHE WANTED TO STAY WITH THE EASTER BUNNY! She screamed the whole way to Belk! I just knew someone was going to turn me in to DHR - you would have thought that I just beat her or something!! I LOVE that she LOVES the Easter Bunny! I was crushed when she didn't like Santa - I wanted her pic with him so bad! So - CONGRATS to the Easter Bunny! Ava Grace LOVES YOU!! I am not sure what she told him but she was definitely having a serious convo with him! I hope he brings her everything she asked for! :-)

Monday, March 30, 2009


Little Bit and I went to Roman's baseball game tonight! They played so well! I was so proud of him. He looked so cute in his uniform. What happened to my little baby Romi? I feel like I blinked and he was a big boy. My little Romi is growing up!! Awwww! Well, his team is really good! AG kept yelling Roll Tide! I really need to teach her to say GO BRAVES! So here are a few pics from tonight...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beach Trip!!

I know it has been a while!! Ava Grace and I went to the beach last week! We has SO MUCH FUN!! We stayed with Jordan and Addison at Jordan's parent's condo. Ava Grace LOVED the beach. She kept running up to the water saying "BUBBLES!!" She also loved playing at the pool. She really thinks she can swim! So here are a few fun pics from last week!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Airport... Disney World...

I love seeing all of the kids going to Disney World. They are so excited! I remember being so excited about Disney World when I was a little girl. I can't wait to take Ava Grace - maybe next year we can go there for our family vaca before we THINK about adding another little South to the mix! My goal is to take 1 family vacation a year with just Kyle, Ava Grace, and me. FUN FUN FUN!!

Well - the plane is boarding so I better go! Love love

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Off to Orlando Again...

So, I am off to Orlando again... and ya know what? I am excited this time. Of course I will miss Ava Grace and Kyle but it gets boring around here doing the same things everyday. I am ready for a change for the next few days! It will be very tiring but it will be fun to hang out with Kristia and see everyone! Ava Grace is going to Mimi's tonight... I have her all packed up! She is going to play with her cousins while I am gone and she is excited!!

She had swim lessons and gymnastics yesterday! FUN! Except she wanted another little girl's pooh bear and pitched a little fit to get it! Anyway - after gymnastics we went to Arby's and ate lunch with Roman and Mimi. Then we went to Mimi's for her nap so she would be ready for her swim class. I am so glad we can go to Mimi's between classes for her to sleep - If not... swim class would not be near as fun!

Never really found out about the paralyzed sleep thing. I found a few things on it... 1)Sleep Disorder 2)Sylvia Browne says that my spirit is not back in my body yet and when it happens I should say "Get back in!"- HAHA! 3)don't remember the name of this one but I can assure you I don't believe it!... Anyway - it doesn't really bother me - I was just a little curious about it.

Gotta get the house clean and sippy cups washed... geezzzzzzz

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Paralyzed in your sleep??

I know to some this may sound strange - but it happens to me a lot. I wake up and I know what is going on but I can't move. Then it scares me... It started when I was really little and happens a couple of times a month. Most of the time it happens in the middle of the night. It feels like I am laying there forever but I am sure it is just a few seconds. I am going to research it and see why that happens... It's like I am awake but my body is not...

I know... most of you think I have lost my marbles...

Friday, March 6, 2009

7th Grade Homework is HARD!

Aunt Caroline is here for the weekend! YAY! Ava Grace is so excited! When Aunt Caroline walked thru the door, Ava Grace put down Minnie Mouse and ran to give her a hug and kiss! Now... we just trying to get her to say Aunt Caroline. Any ideas on a shorter easier name to say for a 18 month old... I said Auntie - but Caroline didn't like that one too much... She said that it sounded like a OLD person. So anyway - send ideas our way...

After we put Ava Grace in the bed we started working on Caroline's homework. She wanted to get it done tonight so she would not have to worry about it the rest of the weekend. SMART- huh? Well, I thought to myself - self, you can help Caroline so she can get it done really fast. WRONG ANSWER! It is really hard! We had to do a crossword puzzle with about 60 words and had to look each of them up! What the heck! Then she had 75 questions on a review sheet for science that she had to do. They just gave her all of this work today! That is crazy! On top of that she still has to read the rest of one of her books and post on her teachers blog... really? did you ever think that homework for a 7th grader would be to POST ON A BLOG?!?!? So... I would like to file a complaint... Give homework but don't take up the WHOLE weekend! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! HAHAHA!!

Anyway - we are on the computer now and calling it quits for the night! Love love.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ear Infection.. :-(

So... today has been a CRAZY day! So BUSY with work and then Ava Grace was sick... I decided at 2:30 this afternoon to take her to the doctor and she has a ear infection again. This is number 5 so off to the ENT we go. They are going to let us know tomorrow when our consult will be. It should be about 2 weeks from today. Then we will schedule to get her tubes put in.

The good news is that her starting her swim lessons this week did not have anything to do with it. He said that she would have gotten Swimmers Ear from being in the pool and that it affects a different part of the ear. So we are still on for swimming lessons. After she gets the tubes she will just have to wear her ear plugs in the water.

I didn't have any pictures of her first swimming lesson. I know - BOOO for me! But I will next time. Mimi is going to go and she can take some pictures for me. Something about Ava Grace and me in a pool didn't mesh too well with the Canon. My camera would have been ruined!! On a good note - Ava Grace LOVED playing in the pool. I had to hold on to her tight though because she thinks she can swim. She laughed and played the whole time. She put her face in the water and reached while on her tummy. We don't have to worry about her being afraid of the water we just have to worry about her thinking she can walk on water! At the end we sang the wheels on the bus and she sang it the whole way to the car - going the children on the bus go "UP DA DA, UP DA DA, UP DA DA!" It was so funny!

Well - I am headed to bed. I can't believe I am getting in the bed before midnight tonight.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ava Grace's 1st Snow!

Here are some pictures of Ava Grace in the snow this morning. She had fun playing in it! It was VERY cold so we didn't stay outside very long... It is all melting now :-(

As for the rest of the day... hopefully Ava Grace will take a good nap and I can get caught up on work. Maybe I can even take a nap too!!

SNOW!! and LOTS of it!!

So - IT DID SNOW!! I am so excited! Here are some pictures of the house covered in snow. I will get some of AG once it stops - but it is steadily coming down. It seriously looks like a blizzard!!