Thursday, August 21, 2008

We're here!!

We're here!! The South Family officially has a blog... I woke up this morning and decided that today would be the day!! Blogging is kind of like a journal that everyone else reads... right? It can't be too hard... can it? So for the next few days - our site will look a little sad but soon enough I will figure out how to work everything. Until then... wish me luck!!

So, what should I talk about on the first blogging day? Well, I will start with my sweet little Ava Grace. She will be one in a couple of weeks, September 2nd 2008 to be exact. I am sending out her Birthday Invites this week and thought it would be really cute if I took some pictures of her in her birthday party hat and tutu. I set up a fake photography set with my white sheet and some props and it was a disaster!! First of all, she thought the party hat was hilarious!! I had a feather boa that she really wanted to eat!! and then she kept pulling her tutu up over her head!! Then in the middle of all of her eating and crawling and pulling and resisting... she did it... she made the perfect pose and smiled so pretty and then... my freakin' camera battery died!! I ran and put it on the charge and then when Daddy got home he helped me get some good pictures and she was a little angel... All of the craziness was definitely worth it!!

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Anonymous said...

Great job Nikki!! I am really impressed on your blog and your pictures!!!!!-Crystal