Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dora Dora Dora...

Okay. So I think I have found a way to get Ava Grace to eat (for now anyway!) She has not really been eating well for the last couple of days so I have been trying to think of something different to do to get her to eat. Today I found the CUTEST Dora place setting and flatware!! For those of you that know Ava Grace - you know how much she LOVES Dora. Well... IT WORKED! I gave it to her at about 4:30 and she ran to the kitchen and got in her seat and waited for me to fix her something to eat. Of course - I did not have dinner ready at 4:30 - so I pulled out a ravioli/green beans gerber meal and fixed it for her and put it on her new Dora plate. SHE ATE ALL OF IT!! Seriously! Then she kept asking for "more ravioli!" Then she wanted yogurt so I put her yogurt in the bowl and she ate all of it too!

I hope she keeps this up! :-)

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Jennie said...

When it comes to kids and food, I figure 'Whatever Works' should be the motto :) Go, Dora!