Monday, February 1, 2010

Little Mommy

Ava Grace is such a little mommy. One of her favorite things to do is dress her babies! She just kind lays the clothes on top of them and yells "Mommy Look! It's SO CUTE!"

She cracks me up! Last night she was dressing all of her babies and telling them how pretty they looked. Here is her conversation with her babies last night...

"Lay wight dare"
"you want da dora shirt?"
"okay... be wight back"
"here you go"
"Oh...wee... it's sooo cute!"
"I lub it"
"So pretty"
"You a big girl!" - with a pat on the back and kiss on the cheek...
"good job"
"tank you much"

*Do you notice something a little different about her american girl twins?? Hers have permanent makeup on... thanks to the surprise purple marker at the bottom of the toy bucket. It only took 5 seconds and it was done... voila!

*My hair is in my face and I don't care! HA!


mimsfamilyblog said...

Too cute!! She looks adorable and I wonder where she has heard all those comments? I can't wait to see her in a few weeks. Love yall!!

r.a.w. chronicles said...

She is SO, SO cute. I love it!

Lana said...

Oh my, how the 2nd picture of her with her back to the camera looks SOO much like my Sweet Sara when she was this age.

Crystal said...

She is too cute!!!