Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dora's #1 Fan!!

It's official! Ava Grace is Dora's #1 Fan! We stood in line to see Dora yesterday - not once... but TWICE! The first time we waited in line for about 30 minutes. The 2nd it was only for about 10 minutes - and IT WAS WORTH IT to see the SMILE on little bit's face!!

The first time we got to see Dora - they were only allowing you to take 1 picture and were rushing you to take it and go... well, that didn't really work for us. When Ava Grace had to leave Dora she was SO SAD! :-(

So I thought maybe I could take her to another section and play - WRONG ANSWER! Just when she thought I was not looking she took off in a SPRINT towards Dora. I caught her just as we got to the door where Dora was sitting and Ava Grace let out a "I WANT DORA! MY DORA!" So - that is why we decided to go thru the line again. And by the way it is REALLY HARD trying to explain to a 2 year old that she has to wait in line AGAIN to see Dora. The first time standing in line she was extremely patient. The 2nd time - notsomuch but she tried really hard!!

Then at lunch I realized where Ava Grace gets some of her impatience... ME! The line was SO LONG for pizza and it was taking forever and I caught myself getting so frustrated and impatient. Then I remembered that I had been telling Ava Grace to be patient for the last hour... So, God gave me a little lesson on patience standing in the Pizza Hut line. Being patient really is hard - so I guess AG and me can just work on that together.

Here are some pictures from our fun day! If we didn't live so far away I would take her every day this week - THAT IS HOW MUCH FUN SHE HAD!! The only time she stopped smiling is when she had to sit down to eat lunch... and when Dora went night night.

On our way to see Dora. She had to take 2 Dora's and Super Why came along for the ride too!

She was a little star struck in this picture! But this was our 1 picture. She has a look on her face like "this is MY Dora!"

This was our 2nd time thru. She first ran up to Dora and gave her a big hug and said "I LOVE YOU DORA!" - It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. And then she was trying to show boots her little Dora that she brought from home.

Having fun playing on the Butterfly Wall!

My nephew Roman on the NEWS! This was so cute!

My other newphew, Gavin - loving on Dora too!

Me and my sweet girl! I love taking her to do fun things like this!

After playing hard all day - she passed out with her new Diego and Dora doll.

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