Friday, April 22, 2011

Where have I been??

So, I have taken a LONG break from blogging! Sorry! But I am back. :-)

Where have I been? Well, no place exciting. But I have been very busy. The last you heard I am having a GIRL! and I still am! LOL I do have good news! If you recall on my previous post from forever ago I wrote that I have placenta previa. I am happy to say that my placenta has MOVED! As of my 29th week ultrasound it is 1cm away from my cervix. They want it to be 2cm away so I am hoping and praying that at my 35 week appointment it will have moved another cm. I am HUGE so surely it has moved! I am not really that worried about it right now. My OBGYN felt pretty confident that it would move.

Now - let's talk about this pregnancy. To be honest I don't really remember much from when I was preggo with Ava Grace but this pregnancy has not really been that bad. I feel good for the most part. Like any preggo person I have trouble getting going and if I am up for long periods I get really tired easily. I am SUPER HUNGRY for pretty much anything and you can tell that by looking at me :-) The only thing this time is SHE IS REALLY REALLY LOW! I mean like I feel like she might fall out at any moment. My doctor said it is prob because this is my 2nd pregnancy and everything is not as strong as it was before. When I went in for my 33 week appt this past week he said something about her being low when he was measuring me. He did say that I was measuring right on time so that's good news.

I think I am nesting a little around here. This past week I have organized my closet, bedroom, and office. It looks and feels great for everything to have a place. Next week I am tackling the laundry room and Ava Grace's closet. I need to change out fall clothes for Spring/Summer clothes. I am loving this organizing zone I am in :-)

Ava Grace is doing great and loving school. She is doing better using her nice words and manners. This week she has said yes mam or no mam pretty much everytime I ask her something. That's HUGE! Her daycare was closed today for Good Friday and I was off work so we were able to spend some time together. We dyed eggs this morning and then went to see Rio and the Easter Bunny this afternoon. She had a BLAST! Then we ate dinner with daddy and came home. Oh and we had about a hour to kill so we went to Toys R Us to look around. Believe it or not this was the 1st time I have taken her to Toys R Us since she was about 6 months. She was in TOY OVERLOAD! So excited to be there! and She LOVED everything. I told her she could have 1 toy and out of everything there she chose a little stuffed Pluto that was only $6.99 so I think I came out pretty good! Bless her heart because she inherited my decision making. She looked EVERYWHERE in the store and had such a hard time choosing just 1 toy. When I was little I did the same thing! Heck - I still do that. I look and look and pick out things and then talk myself out of buying all of it. So - she gets it honest and I can totally feel her pain!

So - that is what we have been up to! Tomorrow we have the Easter Egg Hunt at the park that our church is hosting and then we are going to Nana and Pop's cabin to grill out and make smores! Ava Grace can't wait to play with her cousins, Braylen and Sarah. They are all about the same age and love to play together. It will be a fun weekend! I hope you all have a HAPPY EASTER!!

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Courtney said...

Happy Easter. Glad you are doing well with your pregnancy.