Monday, August 31, 2009

She is a BIG GIRL!

Wow! We had a great weekend! Ava Grace had her 2nd Birthday Party on Saturday and she had a BLAST!! I will post pictures tomorrow because my card is not uploading right now... so the Luau Party is to be continued!!! (Can't wait for you to see the cake that Nana made... It was the best ever!!)

I would like to talk about the Big Girl Bed! and how Ava Grace SLEPT IN IT LAST NIGHT! Yea - you heard me right! So, let me back up for a minute. For those of you that just started reading my blog... Last Tuesday night my little almost 2 year old jumped out of her crib. I took her back in her room and asked her to show me how she got out. So, she threw her leg over the side and barrel rolled to the floor. She is such a little monkey!

So, on Wednesday we converted her bed to the toddler bed. When she got home from "school" we introduced her to the bed. She loved it! She kept getting on and off of it and wanted to lay down and watch Barney... BUT when nite nite time came SHE WAS NOT HAVING IT! She refused to sleep in it. She would lay down if I would sit with her but as soon as I got up she would get really upset. She could be dead asleep and wake up when I was sneaking out.

On top of this, last week we were getting things ready for her birthday party on Saturday and I was sick with cold symptoms. (btw - I am still sick and have no clue what is wrong with me... but MOMMY does not have time to be sick! So I am just keepin on movin and waiting for it to go away!) Anyhow, I was being really lazy with it and decided this weekend that we were going to make her sleep in her own bed this week.

I tried the Nanny 911 method. Which is sitting in the room, not looking at her, and staying in the room until she stops crying. That didn't work so well. I just couldn't handle her sitting there reaching her arms out crying "MOMMY!" It made me sad to think that she thought I was ignoring her. So then I just went out of her room and decided that every time she got out of the bed I was going to put her back in. We went thru that about 10 times and I decided to just lay down with her for a few minutes. I fell asleep in her bed with her and I woke up at 11pm. I sneaked out and went to my bed to sleep. She didn't wake up until 5:45am - I went in her room and just sat next to her bed and she layed back down. Once she was asleep (about 5 minutes) I went back to bed. Then I had to wake her up at 7:40 to get her ready to go to "school." I made her a "Big Girl Bed" sticker chart (thanks Lana!) and she was excited to put a sticker in her little square. We taped it on her door so she can always see it. I am not really sure if she understood it but maybe she will after a few days.

So... that is the update on the Big Girl Bed... maybe tonight will be even better!!


mimsfamilyblog said...

Yay Ava Grace!!!!!

Lana said...

Great!!! So glad the sticker trick worked. She is growing up!! I have enjoyed watching her. A true sweetie pie!!