Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time for a Big Girl Bed!!

As I sat down to do my daily blog reading... I heard a thump and little footsteps running to my office...

Ava Grace climbed out of her crib!!

So, we are about to start the nite nite routine all over AGAIN! She is on a pretty good routine right now but here lately we have been having to let her whine a little in her bed. Well, she sure showed me tonight! She whined a little and then pranced in here to find me! Now - she is laying in our bed "trying" to go to sleep! We are already starting off bad... I know! Tomorrow we will have to turn her bed into a toddler bed and tackle the new sleeping routine.

This is gonna be LOTS of FUN!


Jennie said...

Best of luck ;)

Lana said...

Good luck! You have a smart girl on your hands!