Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Perfect Pumpkin

Yesterday afternoon I took Ava Grace to the Pumpkin Patch at our church. Her and Big Bird searched for the perfect pumpkin.

Then she took a break and socialized for a little while with all of her best buddies at Children's Place. They were so excited to see each other! Parker (adorable little boy in previous posts) was really excited - he kept telling everyone "My Ava Grace!"

Then she found the scarecrow so we just had to get our picture taken with him! I think she liked the ghosts painted on the sign the most.

She finally found the perfect pumpkin!

She gave it to the nice lady and got a pumpkin stamp and a sticker!

So we headed home to paint our pumpkin! SHE WAS SO EXCITED!!

She chose to paint it yellow and pink (aka Pinky). She had so much fun!

Voila! Here is the finished product!



Courtney said...

Cute pictures. There are so many fun things to do this time of year!

Ann said...

Too cute! We may attempt to venture to the pumpkin patch this weekend...if the weather cooperates.

Lana said...

Simply a masterpiece!

Love you lots,

r.a.w. chronicles said...

She is so cute! And looks so happy with her pumpkin. Happy Halloween!!