Sunday, January 9, 2011


Okay! I am super excited right now because it is snowing! And just so you know - this hardly EVER happens in the south where I live. I can't wait to play in it tomo and take LOTS of pictures!!

I hope it keeps coming down. Ava Grace is pumped about building a snowman in the morning! She didn't want to go to bed...

We had a fabulous weekend! Friday night we went to eat for Kyle's grandmothers bday. Saturday we stayed in our pj's til around 2! Then got AG ready and off to Nana's house and we went to eat dinner for a friends 30th bday! It was delish and alot of fun! Today we went to church then AG and I took a nap on my big comfty chair for about 2 hours. It was a VERY RELAXING weekend!!

Also - this is a big week! I am 19 weeks this week and we will be finding out Wednesday what we are having. We are thinking girl... Which will be fine since we have LOTS of girl stuff and a nursery already decorated for a girl. BUT if its a boy we would be happy too! I would love for Kyle to have a little boy that he could take to play golf! And I would love to see some blue in my house and go to some baseball games... We'll see! I will be sure to blog an update!

For now I am going to bed! I will post pics tomo of our adventures in the snow! :-)

Love Love

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