Monday, September 28, 2009

Swine Flu

Hi Everyone. My really good friend, Kristia, starting noticing that her little 6 year old boy Forrest was not feeling good this weekend. Saturday he seemed fine and was just a little pink around his eyes but didn't think anything of it because he has allergies really bad. Well on Sunday he was saying that he didn't feel good - so at 6:30pm she checked his temp and it was normal. All he wanted to do was lay down - an hour later she said that his face was really red so she checked his temp again and it had shot up to 103.6!! She called their doc and took him to the emergency room and he tested positive for the Swine Flu. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

Also, please pray for Ava Grace. Forrest and Ava Grace played together on Saturday for a little bit. They colored together and shared potato chips. They had a lot of fun but we are afraid she might get the Swine Flu now. Please pray that she doesn't.

She cried more than usual this morning so that made me nervous but she did not have a fever. I called the Pediatrician and they said that it is possible for her to have the Swine Flu without a fever at first and that if she continues to be cranky for me to bring her in to get tested.

I also found out today that there have been 97 cases at the middle school here this year. Is this published somewhere? I didn't realize it was that bad here -

kinda scary if you ask me...


Crystal said...

I'll be praying for the little ones!! Keep us updated!

Jennie said...

Wow, that's scary. Lots of prayers for all the little ones!

Oh, and I left you somethin' sweet over at my blog ;)

Courtney said...

Hopefully she will be fine. We have had a few cases at the school I work at!