Monday, September 14, 2009

Talking Nonstop...

My little girl woke up this morning talking non stop. Those of you that know Ava Grace know that she talks alot anyway... but most of the time it is just jibber jabber that you really can't understand. But this morning I could understand her!!

She woke up playing with her Minnie Mouse. She said "Hi Minnie Mouse - Ready to go to school!"... did I hear that right??

Then she got up said - "I wanna eat!" "sit in my seat!" "I want a numa (that means muffin...)"

ok... so I was thinking... this is AWESOME! I can understand her!!

Then after she was done eating she said "All done. I want down."

so she got down and started playing with her babies. She was putting them on her nap mat and telling them to "lay down!" - then she said "You want your blanket? I'll get it!" then she ran and grabbed it off of the table and covered them up.

Then it was time to go and we walked outside and she said "Hold my hand." - so I helped her down the stairs... on the way to the car it started to rain and she said "its raining!"

It is so weird how this happened over night! I know she has been talking to us and everything but that was just one or two words at a time - today she woke up with sentences!!

She hit 2 and it seems like she looks so much older and is acting so much older!! time is going by too fast!!

Have a great day!


Lana said...

I saw your sweetie pie today at school! She was headed to the potty and saw me and came prissing right over. I LOVE it!! She was such a big girl!!

r.a.w. chronicles said...

Wow! That's awesome. She's so cute.