Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Trampoline!!

Ava Grace started back to gymnastics today! The gym has moved and it was really nice! They had lots of new equipment for the obstacle course and she LOVED it!!

The only thing she didn't love is the trampoline. She has never really been a huge fan of the trampoline. At the other gym the trampoline was set in the ground so that it was level with the floor. Well, this one isn't. It is a little higher and she is terrified of it!! She walked across it about 4 times and screamed the whole time. This one mom looked at me and said "Honey, it will be better next week!" I hated to tell her that she has been taking gymnastics for a year now and still does not like the trampoline!! At the other gym they had a big pit of foam blocks - so we would just play in the blocks while the others were jumping. This gym doesn't have the foam pit so we were kinda forced to jump this time. I am sure that with time she will be okay.

She rocked out her forward rolls, beam, and the bars! She did really good on those!

So... what do you think I should do? Should I buy her a trampoline to get her used to it?? I know that sounds a little extreme but I want her to be able to understand that she is going to be okay. Trampolines can be so much fun!! She just doesn't see it yet...

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