Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thanks Honey!

My sweet husband has been wanting to gain weight. So... for the past week or so he has been working out and eating a lot more. Do you know what that means? I have been facing A LOT of temptation to eat things that I would really rather eat!!

We LOVE the Blue Bell Peanut Butter Chocolate milkshakes from Jack's - so for 2 nights in a row he has surprised me with one when he comes home from working out! He has gained about 10 lbs and if he keeps bringing me milkshakes I am going to be right there with him!! Last night I made sure that he knew that I really appreciated it... he was just thinking of me and that was really nice!! BUT it will NOT hurt my feelings if you just get a milkshake for yourself and not one for me!!

I am always wanting him to do sweet things for me and surprise me... then he does and I have to turn him down! GEEEZZZ!!

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Jennie said...

Oh, to have the issue of WANTING to gain weight. That's totally a guy problem :)