Friday, March 6, 2009

7th Grade Homework is HARD!

Aunt Caroline is here for the weekend! YAY! Ava Grace is so excited! When Aunt Caroline walked thru the door, Ava Grace put down Minnie Mouse and ran to give her a hug and kiss! Now... we just trying to get her to say Aunt Caroline. Any ideas on a shorter easier name to say for a 18 month old... I said Auntie - but Caroline didn't like that one too much... She said that it sounded like a OLD person. So anyway - send ideas our way...

After we put Ava Grace in the bed we started working on Caroline's homework. She wanted to get it done tonight so she would not have to worry about it the rest of the weekend. SMART- huh? Well, I thought to myself - self, you can help Caroline so she can get it done really fast. WRONG ANSWER! It is really hard! We had to do a crossword puzzle with about 60 words and had to look each of them up! What the heck! Then she had 75 questions on a review sheet for science that she had to do. They just gave her all of this work today! That is crazy! On top of that she still has to read the rest of one of her books and post on her teachers blog... really? did you ever think that homework for a 7th grader would be to POST ON A BLOG?!?!? So... I would like to file a complaint... Give homework but don't take up the WHOLE weekend! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! HAHAHA!!

Anyway - we are on the computer now and calling it quits for the night! Love love.


mimsfamilyblog said...

maybe car? What do you think or Aunt C? Aunt Car? I know that Ava Grace could say car and I KNOW Braylen can say it!!!

South Family said...

We decided on C C - we were going to do A C and then she said C C first so we went with that. All weekend Ava Grace was walking around saying "C C?" - it was so funny!!