Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ear Infection.. :-(

So... today has been a CRAZY day! So BUSY with work and then Ava Grace was sick... I decided at 2:30 this afternoon to take her to the doctor and she has a ear infection again. This is number 5 so off to the ENT we go. They are going to let us know tomorrow when our consult will be. It should be about 2 weeks from today. Then we will schedule to get her tubes put in.

The good news is that her starting her swim lessons this week did not have anything to do with it. He said that she would have gotten Swimmers Ear from being in the pool and that it affects a different part of the ear. So we are still on for swimming lessons. After she gets the tubes she will just have to wear her ear plugs in the water.

I didn't have any pictures of her first swimming lesson. I know - BOOO for me! But I will next time. Mimi is going to go and she can take some pictures for me. Something about Ava Grace and me in a pool didn't mesh too well with the Canon. My camera would have been ruined!! On a good note - Ava Grace LOVED playing in the pool. I had to hold on to her tight though because she thinks she can swim. She laughed and played the whole time. She put her face in the water and reached while on her tummy. We don't have to worry about her being afraid of the water we just have to worry about her thinking she can walk on water! At the end we sang the wheels on the bus and she sang it the whole way to the car - going the children on the bus go "UP DA DA, UP DA DA, UP DA DA!" It was so funny!

Well - I am headed to bed. I can't believe I am getting in the bed before midnight tonight.

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