Thursday, March 12, 2009

Off to Orlando Again...

So, I am off to Orlando again... and ya know what? I am excited this time. Of course I will miss Ava Grace and Kyle but it gets boring around here doing the same things everyday. I am ready for a change for the next few days! It will be very tiring but it will be fun to hang out with Kristia and see everyone! Ava Grace is going to Mimi's tonight... I have her all packed up! She is going to play with her cousins while I am gone and she is excited!!

She had swim lessons and gymnastics yesterday! FUN! Except she wanted another little girl's pooh bear and pitched a little fit to get it! Anyway - after gymnastics we went to Arby's and ate lunch with Roman and Mimi. Then we went to Mimi's for her nap so she would be ready for her swim class. I am so glad we can go to Mimi's between classes for her to sleep - If not... swim class would not be near as fun!

Never really found out about the paralyzed sleep thing. I found a few things on it... 1)Sleep Disorder 2)Sylvia Browne says that my spirit is not back in my body yet and when it happens I should say "Get back in!"- HAHA! 3)don't remember the name of this one but I can assure you I don't believe it!... Anyway - it doesn't really bother me - I was just a little curious about it.

Gotta get the house clean and sippy cups washed... geezzzzzzz

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