Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ava Grace LOVES the Easter Bunny!

Yes! You heard me right. She is TOTALLY in LOVE with the Easter Bunny. After Roman's game last night we went by the mall for a little bit. I was definitely not planning to take her to see the Easter Bunny last night. Number one - she flipped out at Christmas when I took her to see Santa and Number two - she was not dressed how I wanted her to be to see the Easter Bunny and get pictures made. She was in her play clothes from the ballpark - we were seriously roughing it! So, as we were strolling thru the mall she saw the big white bunny and started pointing and smiling. I thought - ok so maybe she will like the Easter Bunny this year. THEN we got closer and she was practically hanging out of the stroller trying to get to him! So, of course I stopped - I wanted to see what she would do. I put her down and she RAN up to the Easter Bunny and said "HI!" and then gave him a hug. I put her in his lap and she started saying "FIVE!" and giving the Easter Bunny five. She was hugging, patting and loving on the Easter Bunny! I got a really cute pic of her but really wish we would have been a little more dressed up... we are FOR SURE going back!! The best part was when we were leaving - SHE WANTED TO STAY WITH THE EASTER BUNNY! She screamed the whole way to Belk! I just knew someone was going to turn me in to DHR - you would have thought that I just beat her or something!! I LOVE that she LOVES the Easter Bunny! I was crushed when she didn't like Santa - I wanted her pic with him so bad! So - CONGRATS to the Easter Bunny! Ava Grace LOVES YOU!! I am not sure what she told him but she was definitely having a serious convo with him! I hope he brings her everything she asked for! :-)


Anonymous said...

I love this pic ,am surprised that she was not afraid, she looks like she was really lovin' this!!

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