Monday, April 6, 2009

Mean "I" teeth!

AG is cutting her "I" teeth right now. The little points are thru and I can't wait for them to be completely thru. She is drooling so bad and chewing on everything. I bought her this cool teether tonight. I think it is made by Playtex. It looks like a pacifier except the part that goes in your mouth has ridges on it for her to chew on. She loves it.

Also, she has been a little sick for the past couple of days. We took her to the doc today and she has a really bad ear infection in her left ear. On top of that she has a yucky runny nose and congested chest. Needless to say she will be staying at home with me tomorrow and hopefully will be well enough to go to gymnastics on Wednesday. One week from tomorrow she will get her tubes in. I can't wait for her to have some relief.

It hurts for me to see her in pain. I wish I could just take all of the pain away. I am sure all mothers have that feeling when their baby is sick.

Night Night...

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