Sunday, April 19, 2009

Out with the OLD, In with the NEW...

So... I think I have come to realize that my closet is overflowing with LOTS of clothes I do not and can not wear. I need to declutter my house and my closet is the first place I am going to start. So, where should I take these clothes?

Unfortunately I don't think I can just "give" them away because I am going to have to buy some new clothes. So, I was trying to find a really good consignment place to take them to. I need ideas... Have you ever tried Plato's Closet? I have never been there but just heard about it. Any other consignment places in Tuscaloosa that I could try?

Please help me find somewhere... I am going to keep a few of my favorite things. But just a few for motivation! The way I look at it is if I get back down to a 0 or 2 again I am going shopping to CELEBRATE! So OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW!!!

I am kinda excited!

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