Saturday, April 18, 2009

We are a lot better today...

Well, my little baby has had a rough week. She got tubes on Tuesday. She did GREAT with them and slept the whole night thru for the 1st time in two and a half weeks. She went to Daycare on Wednesday and had a wonderful day! Then Wednesday night she woke up all night long and woke up Thurday with a 101.6 fever. So... we called the ENT and they said to just keep giving her the antibiotic she was already taking and to give her Mucinex. Thursday night she woke up about every 10-15 minutes screaming. Friday morning her temp was 101 and she had a HORRIBLE rattling cough. She was coughing so hard she threw up all over me. My poor baby was really sick so we headed to the Pediatrician. So, it turns out that she has Bronchitis. We are thinking that since she got her tubes on Tuesday that this will be the last round of antibiotics she will have for a while. HOPEFULLY! She slept a little better last night and has been playing all day today. She seems to be in a great mood.

The doctor said to not take her out for a few days so this afternoon we are just going to bring the toys inside! We are going to blow up her Sesame Street ball pit in the living room and just play inside! What is Daddy going to think when he walks in the door?!?

And, Daddy is getting up Tilapia and New Potatoes to cook for dinner! YUMMY!


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Caroline said...

Hey nikki tell kyle that that fish was really good! Love you!!

Caroline South