Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blog = Stress Reliever

I am not really sure what it is about blogging and reading other blogs - but it is really a stress reliever for me. I love it! I have not blogged in a while and boy can you tell! So here goes...

Well, last week and weekend was crazy. Some others and myself gave a baby shower for my bestie Stephanie on Saturday and it was Super Fun!! She got lots of really great stuff! She has already had a work shower and then this shower was her 2nd. and guess what?!? She STILL does not have any bottles! So... I am going to get Baby Brycen some bottles this week! Poor thing! Then Saturday night my sister had a surprise 30th Birthday for her husband and it was a lot of fun. It was at Mellow Mushroom and I LOVE PIZZA from there. It was so good!!

Sunday was a fun and relaxing day! We went to church and then we went to Kyle's great aunt's for Mother's Day. They always do it the first weekend in May. We ate lunch over there and it was yummy! Ava Grace got to play with Chloe Beth, Andrew, and Austin so she had a great time. Then we left there and went home and Ava Grace took a LONG nap! YAY!! and the best part was that I went to sleep too! That made it a perfect Sunday!

This week has been a little crazy with my computer and work. My computer has been acting CRAZY! Shutting off when it is not supposed to and coming on when I don't ask it too. It seems that it is a tad bit possessed but I think it is getting better. So, with that said I better get back to work and get some kids signed up for camp. Hopefully the Swine Flu will not mess things up in the cheerleading and dance camp world!!

Have a good day!

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