Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Beautiful Day!!

Our day started early this morning. AG woke up this morning ready to play at approximately 5:38 AM. Mommy was not in a playing mood that early so we watched Barney for a little while. Then at 6:30 AM Ava Grace decided that she wanted a Banana and guess what?!?! We were out of bananas!! So - yes I was in the grocery store before 7 AM buying bananas. You would have thought she had just bought the best toy ever!! As soon as we walked in the produce section she just started clapping and screaming - "NANAS!! WANT NANAS!!" - We almost did not even make it to the check out line. She wanted those bananas really bad! She ate one before we ever made it out of the parking lot!! HAHA!!

So now on to the weather...

We have had beautiful weather this weekend! We have had a lot of fun playing outside this weekend.

We got off to a rough start yesterday. We got all ready to go to the splash pad at the park. Ava Grace had on her swimsuit, sun screen, and ear plugs were in. Then we got there and the gate was locked!! What??? It is supposed to be open after Memorial Day!! We got everything out of the car and then had to turn around and go back home. Poor Ava Grace just cried and cried!! I felt so bad. So - then when we got home I got out her sprinkler ball that she loves so much! I plugged it up to the water hose like I always do and THEN IT STARTED FILLING UP WITH WATER!! For those of you that have not experienced the sprinkler ball - it is pretty awesome! But, it is NOT supposed to fill up with water. Then it started deflating and that was the end of the sprinkler ball. The water hose was our water play yesterday - So, then I decided that we need a pool!! Unfortunately they are a little too expensive for us to handle right now so I will have to go to Wally World and get AG a baby pool... That is on the agenda for today. Our day did get a lot better yesterday though! After AG had her nap Aunt Shelby, Roman, and Gavin came over to play! They had a lot of fun! Little Gavin is into everything and LOVES Gerber Cheese Crunchies!! I think he ate the whole can!! And Roman kept Ava Grace laughing the entire time!! We had LOTS of fun!!

Here is a pic of AG from yesterday - in the driveway with the water hose. SAD - I KNOW!!

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