Friday, June 5, 2009

Barney Craze!

My husband always said - "My child is not watching Barney!"

Well, guess what? My little Ava Grace is OBSESSED with that big purple and green dinosaur! Like you would not believe! She says his name about 200 times a day. When she sees a TV or computer she starts pointing at it and yelling, "I WANT BARNEY!"... then she will start saying, "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I WANT BARNEY!" - (PS. we are working on the please and thank you's!) - So she knows when she says please we can't refuse!

Seriously?!? I wonder how long this will last. I don't mind if she likes Barney. I think it is a great learning tool for her and anything that makes her happy makes me happy... BUT... I have never seen her so in LOVE with a character before!

She even carries around the DVD cases and sings "I LOVE YOU! YOU LOVE ME!"

When she wakes up the first thing we hear on the monitor is her saying "BARNEY!"

He even had to swim with her at Nana's house on Wednesday.

I have been looking online to see if a Barney Live show even existed anymore. I can't find it though. I would take her to see him - I don't care how far away it is! It would be so much fun for her to see him! We are going to buy her some more DVD's tonight. She has 2 right now and have watched them so much they are starting to freeze and skip in certain places! (How bad is that? That she has watched them that much!?!)

Whatever makes her happy! :-)

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