Monday, October 11, 2010


**Ava Grace’s conversation with a little girl on the playground per her teacher…

Little Girl: (Crying…)

Ava Grace: What’s wrong with you?

Little Girl: I want my blanky!

Ava Grace: Well, ask Mrs. Mochelle because Mrs. Mea will say No!

HAHAHAHA! She has it all figured out! :-)

**Ava Grace’s prayer tonight at bedtime…

“God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food Bed! In our work and in our play, God be with us everyday!”

**Another funny thing from the playground per her teacher…

Ava Grace to a teacher on the playground: Can we play Simon Says?

Teacher: Sure

Ava Grace: Simon says touch your nose… (AG touches her nose)

And per the teacher watching this, Ava Grace goes on and on and on with the game wanting to play and it gets to a point that I think it might be driving the teacher crazy…

Teacher: Simon says GO PLAY IN THE SANDBOX!

And Ava Grace runs away and starts playing in the sandbox!!

**Ava Grace is addicted to Oatmeal Crème Pies and I am addicted to Chocolate Peanut Butter bugles!

**Tonight I asked Ava Grace to clean up her toys ONE TIME and that is all it took! She put all of her toys away and then turned off the light in her playroom. She is such a sweet girl! :-)

**I am doing a Beth Moore Bible Study right now called Breaking Free and tonight was one of those nights where I just KNEW that God was speaking DIRECTLY to me. Isn't it amazing the words that God throws in our faces right when we need them the most! God is so good!

**Yesterday we went to Nashville for my sweet nephews 4th birthday party! I can’t believe he is 4!! Everyone had a blast and Daddy won Ava Grace a Hannah Montana pillow that looks like a boom box and has a handle on it. Earlier today it was her boom box but tonight it is her purse and she told me that she has lots of gum in it! And I can have some but I better not swallow it! She cracks me up!

I hope you all had a wonderful day!! Our week is off to a great start!


Mari said...

Hi Nikki! Thanks for stopping at my blog. I've enjoyed yours. Ava Grace is so cute too.
I'm doing a Beth Moore study too. It's the Patriarchs. Hers are all good!

mimsfamilyblog said...

Seriously....Where does that child come up with the things she does and says??? oh and could you please come teach my kiddos how to clean up their toys the first time I ask?? Thanks so much! Love yall!!!