Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stormy Night

Last night was a stormy night here at the South Family house. Luckily we only lost power once for about 30 seconds so it didn't ruin our fun game of Toy Story memory Ava Grace was playing. Here are some pics from last night.

And for some reason this picture has white dots all over it. I read online that it was either bugs or dust particles in the air. It said that sometimes the flash illuminates them and makes it look like huge white dots. It looks a little scary to me!

On a completely different subject, for the past week we have been letting Ava Grace sleep in big girl panties at night. She really could have slept in them since she has been potty trained but I was just too nervous. I knew the first night that I let her go without pull ups that she would have an accident in the bed. Thank goodness she didn't! Well, we ran out of pull ups last week and I decided that I was not going to buy anymore. Let me tell you what she did last night... I woke up around 5am and saw that the hallway looked bright. I got up and saw that her light was on in her room. I went to her room and she was asleep in the bed so I just turned her light out and went back to sleep. I figured she was afraid of the dark since it was storming last night... When she woke up around 6:30 this morning I asked her why her light was on. And then she said "I had to go to the potty! I'm a big girl!" so I went and looked in the potty and she did! She got up without waking me up, turned her light on, and teeteed in the potty and wiped herself. I can't believe she didn't wake me up. She said "SEE!!" and was so so proud of herself! She is growing up so fast!

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