Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fun Saturday...

Ava Grace and I have had a great day today. We woke up a little too early for a Saturday... 6am. But then we snuggled in our big chair for a long time. Then we had Hotcakes from McD's for breakfast - YUMMY! Aunt Caroline and Ava Grace played while I got ready for Aunt Shelby, Gavin, and Roman to visit. We all went to eat at Lisa's for lunch and Ava Grace and Roman had so much fun. Gavin did too - but was getting really sleepy and wanted his Mommy to hold him. Then we went to the park - I know... Brrr!! It was a lot colder than we thought. That didn't last long but it was worth it to see Roman go down the BIG GREEN SLIDE!!! He is so big now! (by the way he is starting COACH PITCH BALL this year... not Tee Ball like we thought!!) Then we came back to the house to play and they left here about 3:30. Then... Ava Grace and I took a nap on the couch!! When I woke up I put her in her bed and she is still asleep. Good thing because we are going to have a late night tonight. We are going to Shelley and Kyle's and Ava Grace is going to play with Chloe Beth... I love days like these!!

Uh oh - I hear her... she is up! Gotta Go! LOVE LOVE

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