Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Curly Hair!!

Well - I made it through the weekend and missed Ava Grace and Kyle like crazy!! Kristia and I came thru Tuscaloosa yesterday to pick up Ava Grace at Mimi's. She had such a great time! She played with Roman, Gavin, and Colin all weekend. She also went to a jewelry party and is in LOVE with bracelets now!! Mimi also let me know that she LOVES cheese straws too!! She is surprising me everyday - this is such a fun age.

We tried sponge rollers for the 2nd time last night! The first time we tried them we used the pink ones and they are a little to big for her right now. I bought 2 other sizes - the yellow(medium) and the blue(small) rollers. Last night we tried the blue rollers. She slept all night with them in her hair - no problem!! Then this morning it was hilarious!! Her hair was in tight little curls everywhere. It was a mess!! I almost put her back in the tub to wash her hair and get the curl out but decided to go for pigtails instead. They turned out so cute! Everyone at daycare was commenting on how cute it looked!! She walked around the place like she KNEW she looked good!! I would say - "Oh! Ava Grace! You look so pretty!!" and she would throw her head back, roll her eyes and smile!! Here are some pictures - the first is what it looked like as soon as I took the rollers out and the other picture is the finished product!!

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mimsfamilyblog said...

I love the pictures!! Too cute!