Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ava Grace is feeling better... and off I go AGAIN...

Well - Thank God Ava Grace is feeling better. She woke up and did not have a fever yesterday morning and today so the meds must be working. Last night we went to eat dinner with Mama Faye. She gave Ava Grace LOTS of new clothes! YAY!! We love when she buys clothes!! They are all adorable - they are mostly spring and summer clothes! I just can't wait for her to wear them.

So I am off to Orlando again tomorrow. I leave in the morning and will be back on Monday around lunch. I hate leaving little bit and Kyle - but with the economy that way it is I will pretty much go anywhere they need me too. That is just the way it is. Time will go by fast while I am gone though - we usually start around 7 and don't get to sit down/eat or anything until about 10pm. We do this Sat and Sun and then fly home early Monday morning. It makes for a long work week because it is like working 2 weeks straight without a day off. I can't complain though - I love my job! and I love everyone I work with!!

For now... back to work! Love love!

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