Monday, February 2, 2009

Playing at the Park!

Ava Grace and I met Tasha and Parker at the Park on Sunday and we had so much fun!! and I realized something... my child is NOT afraid of anything!! She climbed up the the playset to the slide and went down it by herself. She is growing up!! When she would get to the bottom - she would clap her hands and say "YAY!" - They had so much fun playing together! I know Parker and Ava Grace will always be great friends. Tasha and I were worn out by the time we left!! It was worth it though!!

I have GREAT pictures from our playdate - thanks to Nana!! Nana bought us a new camera and it is really AWESOME!! I am not sure how to work everything on it yet - I read the manual but I think it will be a learn as you go process. Here are some of the pictures from Sunday!! Enjoy!!

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