Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not Sleeping!!

On Sunday night - Ava Grace woke up at 3:45am crying hysterically! I went in her room and held her for a little while and put her back in the bed. Then Monday night - she did it again! She went to bed around 8pm and woke up at 11, 1, 3:30, and 5. Then last night she would not go to sleep. I knew she was tired because she only slept for an hour and ten minutes at daycare. She finally went to sleep around 9:30 and then woke up at 1, 3:30, 5, and 7. I took her back to the doctor on Monday to have her ears rechecked since she had double ear infections a couple of weeks ago. He said that everything looked fine. The only conclusions I can come to is teething or nightmares. It looks like she is cutting some teeth on the bottom. I might pull out the teething tablets tonight and see how that works. I just feel so bad for her because I don't know what is wrong... any ideas??

Gotta go pick Little Bit up... then Praise team practice... love love

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