Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family Day...

This has been such a great weekend. Today was wonderful too. We started the day off with Ava Grace waking up at 8am (that is more like it!!) Then we went to church at 9 this morning. Ava Grace had fun in the nursery with the other kids! Then we all went to get some groceries... that is a rare occasion. Then we came home and played. We all had sandwiches for lunch and Ava Grace and Daddy went to sleep on the couch for 2 hours!! They were so cute. I wanted to take a picture but didn't want to wake them up!! While they were asleep I got caught up on work so tomorrow I will be able to breathe at some point. This evening we watched a movie with the youth from church... FIREPROOF... It was a really good movie! and we had a really good time! Tonight Ava Grace did not really want to go to sleep - she wanted to stay up and play. She is in her bed now... asleep finally... with 6 Care Bears, 1 big bear, "THE" Blankee, and 3 other blankets. For some reason she loves to sleep with ALL of those things!! Sounds safe - huh?!?!

Anyway - we really enjoyed our Family Day!! We are trying to have Family Day more often. Daddy is about to start full force playing golf so it may be a while before we have Family Day again... but we can for sure do a family night instead!!

I am off to Dallas next weekend for NCA All Star Nationals. This will be my 1st time to attend NCA's Nationals so I am looking forward to seeing their events. It will be a busy weekend but it will go by fast.


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