Friday, July 24, 2009

Good News

She did cry hysterically this morning when I dropped her off. But I went back at around 9:30 and she was having fun playing! I am so glad! I have been so worried about her.

This afternoon I am going to take her to the movies for the 1st time. We'll see how that goes! She may think it is fun! I just wanted to do something special for her because I know this has been a rough week!!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the dropping off will get better over the next week!!

Being a mother is hard... my nerves are shot and I am so glad it is Friday!!


Lana said...

I saw her there on Monday when I went to do speech therapy. She was playing and having a good time. I remember those days. The kids usually fare better than the mamas!

Jennie said...

Hang in there, all will work out :) Being a mommy isn't always easy on our emotions.

Ann said...

Aww good! I am so glad she did better today! I know it's a relief to you.

Courtney said...

So glad she was calm when you went back. Have fun at the movies!